The latest trend used in online publishing is RSS feeds. RSS stands for Rich Site Syndication or Really Simple Syndication and is used by publishers to make their content syndicated in a universally understandable format. RSS feeds are beneficial in multiples ways for website owners, including SEO benefits. Reasons why you should use RSS feeds, are:

1. Fast and easy: RSS allows you to publish content instantly and also permits automatic distribution of the content.
2. Quick indexing: search engines very quickly index RSS feeds.
3. Helpful in link building
4. Provide fresh and relevant content
5. RSS is a secure channel it can’t be spammed
6. No privacy-related issues with RSS, the subscription is anonymous
7. Increased traffic
8. Higher search engine rankings
9. Automated content delivery to your subscribers
10. Easily categorize content in easy navigation like you can provide feeds for articles, blogs, forums, and other sections of your website.

Please check sample RSS feeds:

SEO Marketing Agency RSS feed